Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring 2014 Inflorescences

This past winter was warm and dry which made it difficult to keep the Stanhopea watered and fertilized.  This warmer weather continued through spring when temperatures were averaging a few degrees above normal for several weeks.  The warmer weather has prompted inflorescences to grow and mature a few weeks earlier than normal.  I expect blooms to open  in the next few days.

A Small division of Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea 'Glory of Mexico' that has waited the last two years to bloom and is producing five well spaced inflorescences!

Stanhopea hernandezii with three inflorescences.  This will be the first time I get to see this plant in bloom though I have owned it for three years.  The first year it bloomed I was on vacation and missed the flowers opening.  Last year the buds blasted. This year may be the year the flowers open when I am present.
Stanhopea tigrina var. nigroviolacea getting ready to open.  Unfortunately one inflorescence went unnoticed and was stuck between two wires, so only three will bloom this year.

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