Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stanhopea oculata (purple spot form)

This is a different form of S. oculata that blooms later in the fall than the yellow form that blooms in early summer.  This form has a cream to buff background color on the petals and sepals and also has dark purple spots.  The spots are rather dense on the upper hypochile and there are several dark pink to purple spots near the eye spots on the hypochile as well as on the epichile.  The upper hypochile has a bend that is greater than 90 degrees, but this form does seem to fit into the S. oculata complex.  The upper hypochile is also a deep yellow color.  This form also appreciates warmer and dryer winters than the other forms I have.  It appears to be more of an intermediate grower and grows better with winter night time temperatures between 50.0-60.0°F (10-15.6° C).
Stanhopea oculata (purple spot form) inflorescence.
This form has consistently bloomed in fall and begins to push out inflorescences in September.  The flowers are approximately the same size as the other forms up to 4.0 - 4.5 inches (10.2 - 11.4 cm) in diameter.  The fragrance of this form is similar to the yellow form of S. oculata that blooms in early summer with a chocolate peppermint fragrance, though there is a slight infusion of the camphor fragrance that the golden form of S. oculata has.  Altogether this is a good form of this species that extends the bloom season into the fall, and has more color combinations than the other forms. 

Stanhopea oculata (purple spot form) hypochile.

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