Saturday, October 5, 2013

Stanhopea oculata (gold form)

Stanhopea oculata (gold form) inflorescence
This is a different form of Stanhopea oculata that I purchased because it has golden yellow flowers that are more intense than the other forms of the species.  The upper hypochile has a deep golden yellow color and the sepals and petals are a light to golden yellow color. This form also blooms at a later time (late summer/early fall)  than the pale cream to yellow colored form, and it only has two large eyespots on the upper hypochile rather than the four in the pale form. The eyespots and spots on the petals and sepals are a reddish brown color.

Stanhopea oculata (gold form) flower
This form also has a different fragrance that is similar to Eucalyptus, or a little like camphor.  This fragrance tends to align with the 1.8 cineole identified for most S. oculata in a study conducted by Witten and Williams in 1992.  This is a different fragrance than the other form I have that resembles chocolate mint with vanilla.  This is a great form of S. oculata that should be in everyone’s collection.

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