Friday, August 1, 2014

Stanhopea oculata 'Two Eyes'

This form of Stanhopea oculata is very similar to the standard form we see in many nurseries in southern California, that has buff to yellow colored flowers and many reddish brown spots on the petals and sepals.  However, this form has brighter yellow sepals and more spots on the sepals than the other form I have. This form also only has two eyes spots on the hypochile unlike the other form that has four.  This isn't that noticeable of a difference, just something interested I noted.  The fragrance of this form is still the same intense mint and chocolate that the species is noted for.

Stanhopea oculata 'Two Eyes' side view

Stanhopea oculata 'Two Eyes' hypochile detail

Stanhopea oculata with four eye spots hypochile detail

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